Gorgeous Purpose (Part Two)


With Valentine’s Day having just passed, I couldn’t help myself to gaze at the beauty of a very popular gift given, the rose.  Roses are, in fact, the most popular flower in the world. Their beauty is beyond words and their fragrance is incomparable.

There are many things you may not know about a rose. Not only are roses used as a gift or decoration, it also has medical and culinary uses and is one of the #1 flowers used for its oil as a basis of many perfumes. In fact, if you ever wonder why perfumes can be so expensive, just keep this in mind; for a particular 15 ml. bottle of French fragrance it uses the oil extracted from 660 roses. Yes, you read that correctly; 660 roses. So, not only is a rose extremely beautiful, but it is also extremely useful and has multiple purposes.

Each and every one of its uses makes it even more beautiful to think about. Now, although roses are a magnificent flower, they are also a very hard flower to handle. All roses have thorns.  Why would God create such a beautiful flower with such a dangerous handling mechanism?  Simply to protect them. Their beauty is protected by their thorns. If the rose didn’t have such an extreme protection plan its purpose could not unveil. The roses’ sole purpose in life is to bloom!

The only way we can use a rose to its fullest extent is to have it bloom to its greatest capacity.  I am not a gardener by any means but, I do understand that if a plant is not attended to its chances of survival are very minimal…thus I have no plants. Many of you out there have a green thumb and know exactly what certain plants and flowers need to grow to their greatest beauty.  As a Christian woman, I see definite similarities in how our purpose in life is that of a rose.

Our purpose is to bloom! How do we bloom? Well, what does a gardener do to end up with a beautiful garden? She creates an atmosphere for her plant or flower, she chooses excellent soil with nutrients, she water her plants, she provides sunlight for them. Just like us, if we want a beautiful blossom we need to create a positive atmosphere around us. We need to read the Word and provide ourselves with the greatest nutrients. We need to water our faith with Christian fellowship and we need, most of all, to be in direct contact with the Son!

If we focus on blooming over everything else all of what we do is just added greatness to our purpose. Who are you? What do you do? What is your purpose?

My purpose is to bloom! Yes, my calling is to my family, my church, my work and my home but my purpose is to bloom in every aspect of my life. God created all of us with a purpose. Whether you are a nurse, an accountant, a house wife, a stay at home mom, a doctor, a teacher, whatever it may be, God created you and His purpose for your life is to BLOOM with His love, grace, joy and peace!

Make sure to join us for the final part to Danielle’s purpose story tomorrow on the blog at www.beingthetitusiiwoman.com. You can find it on FB, Twitter, and Pinterest as well. Come along with us.

Danielle DeBoef

Danielle DeBoef
Danielle, a graduate of Trinity Bible College, is a woman whose passion is driven by her family. She is the mother to five awesome missions and her heart to provide hope to women who are hurting is fueled by her “never give up” moments. God has brought Danielle out of darkness into hope for a beautiful future with her husband and through that experience she has unique experience that can help other women walking through brokenness. Together, Danielle and Derrick started a ministry called Finishline Ministries where they spread hope to seemingly disqualified. Danielle and her family make their home in Illinois.

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Helping women find purpose, develop a deeper relationship with God, and help each other through God's Word.

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