Lavender Lime Lemonade

This is fun and delicious beverage to make with the kiddos ! Our two older boys took turns to squeeze the lemons with the old fashioned juicer we have ( we used 6 fresh lemons for that ).

*Place lemon juice , a drop of lavender vitality essential oil (EO) and 2 drops of Lime vitality essential oil to the 1 gallon pitcher and fill the rest with the cold water .

*Add Stevia sweetener to taste .

Not only is this beverage delicious, but it’s nutritious! Lemons provide a great source of vitamin C while Lime EO helps to deal with stress and lavender supports relaxation. Stevia is super gentle on your glucose levels . This is a great beverage to sip and enjoy family time together !

Join us on the first Tuesday of each month for more tips and recipes from Lenna.

Lenna Rivera

Lenna was born and raised in Volgograd , Russia. She grew up in a family that did not know Christ. At the age of ten, she and her brother found a Gospel preaching church and became first the generation of Christ followers in their family . Then, at the age of eighteen, Lenna felt a strong calling for missions and the Lord opened doors for her to become a missionary to the country of Georgia. Today Lenna and her husband, Zach, reside in Nebraska,. They have 3 children together. Lenna enjoys cooking, spending time with the family and a good harty in-depth Bible study. Her husband leads worship at their local church. Lenna enjoys writing about the things God reveals to her through the reading of the Word.

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