Apple Butter with A Twist

Fall , scarves , pumpkin patch and apple orchards are on our list to do .

Each year we love to visit our favorite Apple Orchard on earth , it’s a privately owned farm and it has such a cozy and comforting feel to it . Those of you in Nebraska , check out Martin’s Hillside Orchard in Seresco !
We spend hours roaming through the rows of labeled apple trees , we fill our bags with various apples , we pick a pumpkin , we take a deep breath on the hay ride overlooking the country sight and enjoying the stillness and peace of the farm . We bring home delicious apples and kids have them for snack at school for several weeks !
And then we all anticipate the smell of hot apples and cinnamon waltzing through our home, simmering delicious apple butter ( apple sauce, fruit spread or whatever you prefer to call it ).
This year I made mine with the twist , kids loved it , my husband said it was by far the best  one yet !
Here is how I made it :
1) Wash and clean your apples








2) Slice them to fill up your crock pot ( the heat will reduce the volume of it )









3) 1 pouch of Ningxia Red ( if you don’t have it , use 1 cup of apple juice )
Sprinkle 1/8 cup cinnamon ( if you never had Vietnamese cinnamon, you MUST give it a try ! The explosion of flavor and smell is remarkable)
Simmer on low for 10 hours
Unplug, cool down , use mixer to blend everything together .






4) Add 3 drops of each oil ( lemon vitality, orange vitality, cloves vitality, cinnamon bark vitality and nutmeg vitality) . 
Be prepared to be amazed !!
The citrus oil give such a refreshing twist to it , the autumn spices make you feel like you are at your grandma’s Home . Store in the glass jar in the fridge , consume in the timely manner ( since we skipped the sugar all together ). Apple butter goes amazing with the fresh bread and coffee in the morning , over your pancakes or waffles , topping for your oatmeal or simply plain as an apple sauce.





Enjoy !
Much love ,
Lenna Rivera

Lenna Rivera is a regular contributor to the Tuesday Tips section of the blog as well as studies. She was born and raised in Volgograd, Russia. She grew up in a family that did not know Christ. At the age of ten, she and her brother found a Gospel preaching church and became first the generation of Christ followers in their family. Then, at the age of eighteen, Lenna felt a strong calling for missions and the Lord opened doors for her to become a missionary to the country of Georgia. Today, Lenna, her husband, Zach, and their three children reside in Nebraska.

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