Seasons of Thanks

“Oh my goodness. Yuk!”


“It’s so cold, but beautiful.”

All of their reactions were different. Some loved it and some hated it. Me, I am content. I love all four seasons. I love the change in the weather. I love the colors that fade from day to day. I love the new brisk mornings and sunshine all wrapped into one. I love it all.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still days, like when I lived in North Pole, Alaska, that I woke up to another five feet of snow or no electricity and wished I was vacationing in Hawaii. Its called being human. Getting stuck in the same thing for too long makes us go stir crazy. Some of my children were already dreading that feeling instead of living in the freshness of a new season.

Enjoying what the day begins with is not always easy. There are those days that you wake up because one of the kids is coughing and not feeling well, which then makes them very crabby and irritable. That turns toward you, as mom, and can make your start of the day not so pleasant. There are the days that three of the four of the kids wake up happy and on point. They got up on their own, got dressed without being reminded with what is appropriate, and they brushed their teeth without having to be asked to do so. These are great days, because even if that fourth child decided not to follow suit, their attitude and lack of gumption just cannot ruin your morning. Following me here?

Friend, a new day is beautiful no matter what lays on the ground. A new day brings new perspective, new breath, new starts. A new day brings new life. We get to have that every single day. Why would we not praise the God in Heaven for giving us such a beautiful gift?

I am reminded of 2 Corinthians 4:16 which says, “Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.” (NIV)

We get to actually see the metaphor here. We go through seasons of change. For us to be renewed we have to go through a sort of wasting away period. The old must die off so that the new can come forth. Change can’t happen unless the seasons change.

God has given us such a great blessing in the seasons. There is such beauty in each one. Winter brings a blanket of white and rest from the heat. Spring draws us out of the cold and into the beginning of warmth and fresh color. Summer basks us in warmth and longer days to enjoy the outdoors and life. And fall winds us down for a new school year and relief from all those days that kept us busy during summer. God gave us the seasons to bring change and even more beauty. We are incredibly blessed in them.

I want to challenge you to see how you can be thankful in your new season; whether it’s one of the four or just a life change season. You are in this season for a reason. Seek God to find the contentment of it.

Lord, thank You for giving us the change of a season to bring new things into our lives. Thank You for the wasting away of what was so that we can see what needs to come. You always have our best interest at heart and know the right season for our lives. Remind us of why we are where we are right now. In Your Name, Amen.

Tara DeMaris

Tara is the founder and president of Titus II Woman Ministries as well as a contributing writer and speaker. She is the wife to David, seventeen years, and the mother to their four children. Together, they make their home in South Dakota. She is a graduate of Crown College and most passionate about reaching the hearts of women globally through mentorship, friendship and God’s Word. “Make history with God and He will make history through you.”

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Helping women find purpose, develop a deeper relationship with God, and help each other through God's Word.

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