Finish Strong

The last 21 days of 2017 – finish strong!

So this is it , 2017 is almost in the books. For some it has been a chill year, for the most – it was full of unexpected turns and twist and victories and tears and questions and answers.

New year resolutions have never appealed to me, because those are barely kept or even remembered by March, let alone July. You know it’s true! We have so many plans and ambitions but a long term goals tend to lose their grip two months into it.

I recently have watched a study conducted by Dr. Caroline Leif, she is a Christian neuroscientist, she studies the  way our brain works and patterns of thoughts and behaviors (phenomenal lady! Check her out on YouTube). In her video she showed how our brain responds to a negative thinking , she then shows a different video of how our brain reacts to the virus of any sorts in our body. To my utter shock, the reaction to a negative thought/word is identical to the reaction when virus is entering the body!! Mind blown!! You mean to tell me that my negative thinking and speaking is making me sick??? I am speechless. Dr. Leif then added that it takes 21 days to reverse the damages of our own negative thinking! It’s not impossible to reverse, but we must train our brain to think differently and it takes work . It’s not s new concept, in Philippians 4:8 Paul gives us a list of things we should be focusing our mind on .

This made me think : IF it takes 21 days to reverse the damage of the negative thinking and speaking, why not spend the last 21 days of 2017 renewing our minds and finish this year strong ????

Let’s pay attention to :

  • The way we think and speak to others ( let’s be less critical and more complimentary . Give 5-10 compliments or encouragements a day . Look      for someone’s achievement and praise them for it )
  • The way we think and treat ourselves ( Lisa Bevere once said in her study “ I paid attention to the way I think of myself .. and I believe I owe myself an apology.”  So, for the next 21 days, speak life over yourself , speak health , speak compassion and grace and victory . You are your biggest obstacle)
  • Think of the things that make you tired, change your mind set . For example: You don’t have to work, you get to work (many want to work, but can’t ); you don’t have to cook and clean dishes, you get to do that and that mean you have food in the fridge, family to feed, bellies to fill and hearts to shape around that dinner table .
  • Look back on the shortcomings in 2017 and do something you didn’t have the guts to do …. restore the broken relationship, maybe reevaluate the relationship that has been dragging you down and set some needed boundaries. Don’t be afraid to change your opinion of someone else! What if this person you have been avoiding has changed and ready to hear you? What if the friend who refuses to change is now influencing you in the wrong direction?
  • Break the pattern, open up the mind. Go sit in the different seat at the church on Sunday! Change things up during the week – order a new coffee beverage, try a new color of lipstick, have a new spot for the Bible reading .
  • Make a vision board. Do you know where you are headed and why? Do you know what God called you to do? Myles Monroe in his book talks about one thing we never want to contribute-the cemetery.  Why? The richest place on earth is cemetery, it is filled with unfulfilled dreams, visions, opportunities that were never taken, battles that never were won and victories that never got claimed. When I am gone, I won’t need a gravestone, my life and choice will effect generations after me. Make that vision board, train your brain to attract to the vision God placed in your life .
  • Make memories
  • Dream big
  • Believe the impossible
  • Have risking faith
  • Renew your mind

Cheers to the strong finish of 2017!

Much love ,

Lenna Rivera

Lenna Rivera is a regular contributor to the Tuesday Tips section of the blog as well as studies. She was born and raised in Volgograd, Russia. She grew up in a family that did not know Christ. At the age of ten, she and her brother found a Gospel preaching church and became first the generation of Christ followers in their family. Then, at the age of eighteen, Lenna felt a strong calling for missions and the Lord opened doors for her to become a missionary to the country of Georgia. Today, Lenna, her husband, Zach, and their three children reside in Nebraska.

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