Why Me? What Have I Ever Done?

Have you ever felt like good ol’ Charlie Brown? Well,  I have and just this week-end was one of those times.  I headed to work on Friday, anticipating getting a lot done, because during the winter I am the only one at work on Fridays.

I sat down and worked on the payroll. Then it hit me, I was sick again. My stomach was rolling and hurting and I was feverish.  Now, let me explain. It wasn’t just the flu symptoms I was upset about.  It had been three very long years of stomach pain so bad that I felt as if I couldn’t breathe at times. This would be my second bout with the flu.

I ended up leaving work and heading home. The whole week-end was shot and when I had to miss Sunday services I really questioned “Why”.

God always has an answer.

We are starting a new John Bevere Bible study on Sunday nights and as I read the chapters we were to cover that week, this verse was a key verse, 1 Corinthians 11:30, “That is why many among you are weak and sick, and a number of you have fallen asleep.”

We are the Body of Christ. When one suffers, we all suffer. Just as your whole body hurts when you have a tooth ache.  Rev. John Bevere brought out this truth that has sent me to my knees. Do you remember Achan, you know he took things from Jericho and hid them in his tent when God said not to.  Here is what God said about that, “Rise Up! Why is it that you have fallen on your face? Israel has sinned, and they have also transgressed my covenant which I commanded them. And they have even taken some of the things under the ban and have both stolen and deceived. Moreover, they have also put them among their own things.” Joshua 7:11

Did you see that? God didn’t say Achan had sinned, He said Israel had sinned. So all of Israel suffered for it.  Remember they were defeated by the Amorites after a huge victory at Jericho. Really an Ugh moment, right.

Here’s the truth of our lives that God has opened up to me through this study: we, God’s people, are still struggling with sin. Makes sense right? We are human.  No matter, God is not pleased.  I hit my knees and asked God to purify my heart and life, my church, and all that I come in contact with. God tells us we are to Be Holy for He Is Holy!

I felt I needed to repent once again right there and then.  I did just that. We get sick often because of sin in our church. God reminded me of that when a dear friend in the church started living with a man out of wedlock and while I approached her and shared that sin was in her life. I didn’t do much else.

We are our brothers keepers. I’m not saying that every sickness is because of sin, but I believe that if we clean up our lives and pray for our churches to be cleansed of all unrighteousness, we, as a people, will be healthier and happier.

I encourage you to get Rev. John Bevere’s new study and join me in it.  It is called Kryptonite. We need to keep the kryptonite out of our lives.

Dear Father, I pray that if any our these dear ladies is dealing with willful sin in their lives that they come to you humbly and bow before you, so that all will be well.

Glennette Christian

Glennette Christian, the mother to three grown children, knows that God has had a constant leading in her life. He has taken her to many places throughout the United States in ministry, of which 14 years was in ministry in Alaska and currently has been led to Tarkio Missouri with her husband, Michael where they love the land and people. While also raising her family, Glennette and Mike took in several other children along the way that needed a loving reminder of what it meant to have a caring parent present in their lives. She is the grandmother to eleven beautiful children and loves every minute she gets with them. Philippians 4:13, “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” (NIV)

Published by Titus II Woman

Helping women find purpose, develop a deeper relationship with God, and help each other through God's Word.

One thought on “Why Me? What Have I Ever Done?

  1. Loved this devotion Glennette. I never really thought much about it that one persons sin in a church could really affect the whole church but it makes perfect sense. Plus I’m a big Charlie Brown fan. 🙂


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