Velvety , Cashmere Soft , Smooth and Nourishing Body Butter 

Our skin needs extra help , especially in the winter . But regular lotions have a bunch of ingredients I can’t pronounce nor picture in my head . My skin is my biggest organ and whatever I apply on my skin gets into my blood stream within a minute.

Did you know American women put an average of 168 chemicals on their bodies each day, according to a nonprofit group, but federal regulations on personal care products have barely changed since the 1930’s. There are about 13,000 chemicals used in cosmetics. Only 10% have been evaluated for safety.

So, I am taking a stand and choose to be a gatekeeper over our family.

We have switched and ditched a lot of things (see my article from December !) .

This whipped body butter was extremely easy to make!

Step 1. 1 cup of coconut oil and 1/2 of cup of Shea butter melted together in the double boiler until liquid.

Step 2. Add 1 tablespoon of almond or apricot oil.

Step 3. Cool down the ingredients until almost solid again .

Step 4 . Add essential oils of choice ( I used 3 drops of bergamot, lime , northern lights spruce, Cypress).

Step 5. Whip it with mixer for 10-15 minutes until texture is fluffy and white .

Cool down more . It will get firmer later still .

I am not sure how long this will keep , but it doesn’t seem like it will be too long before my next batch ! We go through a lot of lotions in this house!

Here are some other ideas to try:

  • Joy and Orange body butter ( my friend Shealee’s favorite combo!)
  • Lavender relaxing body butter
  • Coconut lime body butter
  • Jade lemon and spearmint for refreshing body butter

I wouldn’t keep this whipped body butter in the hot car 🙂 It got pretty solid in the fridge , so I think room temps are just fine!

Enjoy healthy , glowing you!

Much love ,

Lenna Rivera

Lenna Rivera is a regular contributor to the Tuesday Tips section of the blog as well as studies. She was born and raised in Volgograd, Russia. She grew up in a family that did not know Christ. At the age of ten, she and her brother found a Gospel preaching church and became first the generation of Christ followers in their family. Then, at the age of eighteen, Lenna felt a strong calling for missions and the Lord opened doors for her to become a missionary to the country of Georgia. Today, Lenna, her husband, Zach, and their three children reside in Nebraska.

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