I Don’t Have Time for This

When? When will this be done? I don’t have time for this!!!

Do you get irritated, frustrated, discouraged, or mad when things don’t go the way you thought they would, your plans change?

I went to this appointment, knowing I had kids to pick up afterwards, not thinking I would be delayed 20 minutes. I caught myself starting to feel irritated, saying “I don’t have time…” There are days I wish time would go by faster or wish things would not hold me back from going places I want to go so I can go do the things I have on my agenda/schedule, or what I am excited about, or what’s going to satisfy me. Sometimes I try to rush things, so I can get to the next thing or get distracted that I end up missing the purpose of the moment. I have had moments where I look back and ask: When did that happen? Where was I when it happened? I have realized, in my busyness of life, or the distraction of my phone that I have missed being a part of some special moments: like watching my daughter grow up (scoring points for her team) and missing out on the moments when God speaks to me (praying for someone who is sick or just simply listening to someone who is hurting), because I am too busy, drowned in the noise of life.

Amos 8:5-6 “When will the new moon be over…? And the Sabbath…?” (The merchants, in Amos 8, were concerned about what they could get accomplished or in making money. They wanted things to be over, so they could go do what was on their own agenda.)

Are you a person that feels pressured with time because you have your own agenda, thinking those things are important like: appointments, a vacation, weekend, family coming/going, a special occasion, paycheck, grocery store, meal, or whatever is your own interest? I know I have missed out on the teaching moment, understanding the “why” in the delay. Missing the fact that he tries to use our attitude to minister to someone while he has us standing in that check out lane an extra 5 minutes when our schedule says we’re to be some place in 5 minutes and it’s a 10-minute drive. Or for instance, when someone states they are sick and you say I’m sorry you’re sick and go on about your own business and miss the opportunity to pray for them. I have been learning new things from my grandma who always had a schedule and stuck to it, that life happens, and you just got to go with the flow.

There is the latest fab called the Insta Pot. It is supposed to help meals get done in less time. (From what I have heard it works well.) There is also the drive through windows that is supposed to cut time so you don’t have to get out of the car, but that is not always as quick as we think it should be. We live in a fast-paced world where we want things right now, instantly. The thing is when we get things instantly, it doesn’t seem to last or satisfy us very long until we want something else, the new latest fab. Then we miss out on the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I have learned that sometimes the quick easy meals make you available for events.

Let me ask you to take a moment to reflex on these few questions.

  1. Do you get easily angered when your schedule is changed? Are your priorities straight?
  2. Are you caught up in accomplishing greater gain for yourself, that you have no interest in God’s word or what he wants you to learn or how he wants to use you if you would just make yourself available?
  3. Are you living his purpose or your own?

Michelle Casey

Michelle and her family live in York, NE where they are involved many areas of their church such as greeting, children’s church, missions teaching, youth leaders, and Michele just led her first Women’s Bible study. Michelle and Matthew have two daughters and have been married for fifteen years. Their family supports Tiny Hands international and Verse 11. Her favorite verse is from Proverbs 16:3, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”

Published by Titus II Woman

Helping women find purpose, develop a deeper relationship with God, and help each other through God's Word.

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