Weather the Storm

Storms and disasters can be quite terrifying. From tornadoes to earthquakes, they take over ground completely uninvited and rudely destructive. Regardless of age, race, or religion everyone goes through storms.

These storms vary in shape and colors. From broken relationships and financial struggles to death, diseases, and addiction. Some storms come and go within a day. Others, like forest wildfires, seem to burn forever with no rain in the forecast.

In the particular storm of a hurricane, we can look upon the horizon and see the palm tree bent over in the violent wind and rain.  Some of them may be bent all the way to the ground, but they won’t break.

Why? First, the trunk is not like other trunks. The trunk of a palm is made of a spongy type substance, instead of wood. In other words, the palm tree is flexible.

The second reason why the palm tree survives storms is because of its roots. Unlike other trees, it is virtually impossible to uproot a palm tree. There are thousands of rooting strands spread deep and wide throughout the ground allowing the dirt to surround it and harden out of protection on every side.

A third reason is their leafing system.  Unlike other trees, the foliage of the palm is not chaotic – but simple. You won’t find hundreds of tiny twigs, leaves, and branches popping out on every side waiting to be painfully stripped by one violent wind.

Instead, a palm has leaves strategically connected to a single, solid strand making one large leaf. The vine of this leaf is the only part connected to the trunk. Therefore, when the trunk bends… the palm bends along with it. The individual leaves fold up together and ride out the storm, united as one.

So what about your storm?  What tree are you like? Are you flexible or stubborn? Are you moldable or unreachable? What about your canopy? Is it chaotic and busy giving way to several opportunities to be blown all over and disconnected to the source of Life?

When a storm hits, are your roots ready to handle the blow?  Are they deeply rooted into Living Water and widely surrounded by loving family and friends?

In Ezekiel and Kings you will read about the palm tree being etched into the walls and carved into wood décor.  Psalm 92:12 states that we are to flourish like a palm tree. We even celebrate Palm Sunday. Then on Easter, we celebrate the cross.

But, I have felt a shift in the atmosphere of my spirit lately. I’ve been sitting at the cross far too long.  Jesus isn’t even there… he’s on the throne.

In the book Believers Authority, Kenneth E. Hagin writes:

The trouble with us is that we’ve preached a “cross” religion, and we need to preach a “throne” religion.  We’ve sung “Near the cross, near the cross.” Yes, we need to come by the cross for salvation.  But we don’t need to remain there; let’s go on to Pentecost, the Ascension and the throne!

The cross is actually a place of defeat, whereas the Resurrection is a place of triumph. Many Christians know nothing about the authority of the believer. They don’t truly believe we have any authority.

Let’s change that. Storms will come and go, but we will flourish like the palm tree. What happened on the cross calmed the greatest storm of all, but we need not sit there any longer.

Let’s focus on the throne!


Danielle Dykstra

Born and raised in Nebraska, Danielle graduated from Northwestern College with a passion for ministry. It is there she met her husband of 14 years. Together they have three beautiful children and reside in Brandon, SD. She is a stay-at-home mom, a tumble coach and a coffee lover. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with her family outdoors, biking and camping. After living through their own battles, Danielle and her husband share a passion to help others in the areas of marriage and addiction simply by sharing their story of God’s saving grace.

Published by Titus II Woman

Helping women find purpose, develop a deeper relationship with God, and help each other through God's Word.

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