Week ONE Complete

We are a week into our 40-day prayer challenge.

How are you feeling? Challenged? Asking more questions? Attacked? Peace?

For me, questions on decisions needing to be made keep coming. I can see that Satan wants me in a constant state of confusion about the path that God wants me to take. It’s really frustrating. It angers me that my brain can be so deterred to other thoughts. UGH!

This challenge wasn’t meant to be easy, which is why we are supposed to do it with others. How can I pray for you today? I really want to pray for you and I believe that you want the same for me. Guys, this is hard because Satan doesn’t want us to pray. He doesn’t want us to figure out or get the answers we are praying for. He wants us in a constant state of wandering and frazle. He really cared nothing for us, just that we defy God. Let’s pray together harder and deeper.

Dear Father, you are good. Your ways are perfect and above my own. You deserve my full obedience and my worship. You are my teacher and authority because of your goodness. Humble me today when I choose my way over yours. Use my prideful moments as an opportunity to teach me and redirect me. Show my friends that your goodness is more important than their desires. Provide them with encouragement to seek your good and upright way. Thank you for your constant instruction and concern for each step of my life. In the name of Jesus, amen.

“If we want to see God move, we need to make a move. If it seems like God isn’t moving in our lives, maybe it’s because we aren’t moving. But if we make a move, God will move heaven and earth to honor our faith.” (Day 7 Page 49 of Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson)

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