One Day….Prayer Challenge Day 13

I just want to do a quick overview of day 13 from Mark Batterson’s book Draw the Circle. When I used this book for my first 40 day challenge, this was a pivotal day for me. The things that I learned and stood out have echoed in my mind and heart and I continue to use this day as a reminder to myself.

One day could be today! (Repeat that to yourself throughout the day – every day.)

Today could be the day that God answers the prayer, performs the miracle, or keeps the promise. I have been a believer and follower of Christ a long time and that still amazes me. Life is anything but boring when you walk the footsteps that God sets before you.

If we are going to experience a miracle one day then we need to pray every day! Prayer is not a lottery. It is an investment account. Keep making deposits every single day and God will pay dividends beyond your wildest imagination. (Love that analogy!)

Do you have a dream or vision that is far beyond your financial or experience means? I do. David and I have been praying over it since day one of this challenge (every day) and on and off for years. We are making it a point of being intentional with our prayers over it. We are making deposits every single day over this specific vision we feel God is calling us and our family to.

“If your vision is God-given, it will most definitely be beyond your ability and beyond your resources.” Why? Because then God will get all the glory! He is the same God who gives the provision for the vision.  We have to put trust in God for the vision that He gave. It is childlike trust that is the bedrock belief that God is bigger than our problem, our mistake, our dream. God knows no limits and neither do our prayers!

“God stretches your faith so you can dream bigger dreams.” I am so thankful for that. I have a lot of dreams. Some will not come to fruition, but I still pray over them expecting God to make them possible, but I will accept whatever God answers with. It has taken me so many years to accept God’s answer as final word. I know that is crazy to say, but even as a long-time Christ follower, I still have moments of temper tantrums and not understanding why it can’t just go the way I want it to.

BUT – today could be the one day that God answers or delivers or changes my world!

Listen, I know that life is hard. I know that we all want good things to happen and for God to answer an immediate need. Because we call ourselves “Christian”, we have to trust that He has the perfect plan and perfect timing for the perfect plan. Our faith is tested to make it stronger and bigger.

How are you doing with your challenge? Have you invited others into your prayer circle and shared your heart with them? How can we pray with you or for you?


Tara DeMaris


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