This is me... Hi! My name is Tara. I have a list of things to tell you that I have done and do now, but you should know that I am a wife and mother above all those things I have to tell you. I live this really normal life. I fight every day to forgive people who have hurt me and I pray hard for God to guide my steps. I fail every day and I win every day. With that said, here is a list of the things that I have done and do: I have a bachelor’s degree from Crown College that I fought for many years to complete. When I ran out of excuses, I  founded Titus II Woman (you can read about that down below). While working full time, i was presented with an opportunity and in 2017 became the co-author of Journey In Faith.  I write for the Titus II Woman blog as well as guest write for many other sources. My current adventure puts me back in the student seat for a couple months as I am in the process of becoming a certified Christian Life Coach. I work full time, run a ministry for women, write, read and lead. Basically I am an octopus woman juggling life like every other wife, mom, sister…woman. Welcome to my beautiful, crazy life.

Titus II Woman Story

We began in September of 2014. Titus II Woman Ministry started out with a dream and not knowing how to start a ministry for women. God laid it on the heart of Tara to start a ministry and so she prayed and sought council of trusted friends and family. She thought of how a woman’s ministry could have the greatest impact on women today because women have busy lives and not a lot of time leftover. A blog! Tii started with a small blog on a free site. Tara thought, at first, that it would be a blog of one to two articles a month, but felt God leading her to contact women who made a difference in her life or came to mind to see if they would be willing to be part of the ministry as writers. She sent out an email that she drafted to about fifty women, not expecting to hear from many of them. Within 24 hours there were 25 women committing to writing anywhere between four times a year and once a month. The blog started out with 27 writers which allowed Titus II Woman Ministry to put out article two to three times a week. Within the first three year the blog has grown to four or more articles and now offering something for women six days a week. Tii has added their own Facebook page, Pinterest page, Twitter page, and Instagram. On September 1, 2018, the vision of Titus II and our entire team became more focused and expanded to include men in our mentoring focused ministry. It was prayed over for many months and the decision was collaborative. Our team now reaches men and women every day through social media and in person through mentoring in our own churches and towns.  God continues to open doors of ministry to partner with missions and other ministries. We are excited for what God has in store next for Titus II Ministry and our team.