Improving Life

I recently took a life assessment. Not one of those cute little ads on Facebook that you can share on your personal page, but an actual assessment that evaluates your heart of hearts and accurately assesses areas in which you need to improve in life to live happier, freely, and more devoted to your purpose. … More Improving Life


I have come to the beautiful setting of Stuhr Museum of the Prairie just south of town. I am surrounded by wild ducks and geese parading along the banks, late fall blue sky mirrored in the lagoon, water grasses flourishing in the dampness, a funny little duck with a tufted head-piece peaks out from her … More AMAZING GRATITUDE

Forever; Eternity

Why eternity? Why does God want us to last forever? It’s our reward. It’s our place of eternal refuge. Our eternity is not hear on this earth. Our eternity is in Heaven. This life is not all there is. As Christians, we can look at our life here on earth as a preparation for the … More Forever; Eternity