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Buy in Bulk: Journey In Faith; Embracing the Unknown

It's cheaper to buy in bulk! You can use his book for small groups or personal study. When you buy 2 or more books, you get them at just $10 each (plus shipping of $5 total). You are saving $5 plus all the shipping costs. Want to save even more? When you buy 5 or more books, you get your shipping free! Yep! We will pay the shipping costs. All proceeds go to keep ministry work going. We want to personally thank you for all your support to Titus II Ministry and for your continued support through this purchase. We pray blessings as you journey through faith and embrace the unknown.


books and studies

Titus II Woman Ministry has a desire to provide as many resources as possible for women to grow in their relationship with God and each other. We work diligently on writing articles to share every week here on the blog, but behind the scenes we have writers working on developing Bible studies, journey guides, and other material that will only serve in the growth of the heart of each woman. We want to make these affordable to all women. All proceeds go to further Titus II Woman Ministry, missions, and keep our writers writing for you. Keep checking back for new studies.





CHRISTMAS SALE – Journey in Faith: Embracing the Unknown

42- Faith-based devotions $7.45 + $3.00 (S&H) Has God been speaking to you about doing something more for Him? Does what He’s asked you to do seem impossible or maybe, even a little crazy? Have you felt insecure, inadequate, or unable to be who God has asked you to be? Join Tara and Amanda as they recount their faith journey from ordinary wives and mothers to becoming the Titus II women God was calling them to be.