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Keeping the Peace at Christmas

It doesn’t have to be picture perfect: The big misconception is that everything has to look perfect, feel perfect, act perfect and just be perfect. Life is not perfect and Christmas is not the exception. Jesus’s birth was not in perfect circumstance and we celebrate the imperfection of his arrival. You do not need it […]

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Turkey Meatloaf

I am a busy Mom, of 5. That’s not including a new Nonna to a beautiful little Grandbaby girl. Who, by the way I literally just had to stop typing, one sentence in to this article to hold her. She had just finished a bath, at 1 month old, baths are not her favorite thing […]

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11 Planner Must Haves

I didn’t used to be so organized, but as my kids got older and our lives started to add more and more outings the need was real. I have four kids all wanting to do something different, a husband in the throes of Grad school, a full time (out-side the home) job, and I also […]

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