Unicorn Cheesecake

I like to do something fun with my kids on a Friday night. Sometimes that  includes High School Football games, family fun nights, or just simply staying home and hanging out while indulging in some fun foods, kids favorites, of course. One evening my teenage daughter saw, on Pinterest, how to make unicorn hot cocoa. Some … More Unicorn Cheesecake

Comfortable Skin

You might be thinking, “How can makeup change my life?” I thought the same thing, but gave this opportunity a shot anyway and I was amazed at the results Throughout middle school, high school and college I struggled with acne and self-confidence. I never felt beautiful unless I had makeup caked on my face to … More Comfortable Skin

Taco Soup

My cousin brought this delicious soup over to my house several years ago and I was hooked. I was pleasantly surprised at how incredibly easy the recipe is.  I’m telling you, get the ingredients however you need to because this is going to be a favorite.  I have two teenagers and three littles in my home, taste … More Taco Soup

Turkey Meatloaf

I am a busy Mom, of 5. That’s not including a new Nonna to a beautiful little Grandbaby girl. Who, by the way I literally just had to stop typing, one sentence in to this article to hold her. She had just finished a bath, at 1 month old, baths are not her favorite thing … More Turkey Meatloaf