One Prayer Away From Changing Your Life

Today begins the 40 Days of prayer challenge that we presented to you all on our Facebook page about ten days ago. I don’t know about you, but we have some major things in our life and decisions to make and we could use all the prayer we can muster up. Continually. Always. Everywhere. Everything.Continue reading “One Prayer Away From Changing Your Life”

Never Forget. Always In Our Hearts.

Where were you on this day seventeen years ago? I remember exactly where I was. I was standing, with a four month old baby on my hip, in the corner of our college gym at a pep rally. My husband came to me and pulled me from the assembly out to the hall to seeContinue reading “Never Forget. Always In Our Hearts.”

Still Encouraging You: A Message from the President

All things new… To really get into the deep conversation of it all, we are so busy. You know exactly what I mean. You are busy too. You have families, friends, ministry, jobs, and the list continues. I wish I could tell you that I my every day is completely focused on just Titus IIContinue reading “Still Encouraging You: A Message from the President”

The Greatest of These – A Mother’s Love

To be honest, if you knew my mom, you probably wouldn’t describe her as one of those overly cheerful, bubbly, doting moms that shower her kids with constant words of love.  You would never accuse her of leaving loving notes on the bathroom mirror, or in my lunch box.  You know the ones, the foldedContinue reading “The Greatest of These – A Mother’s Love”

Expose the War (Part 2)

Dr. James Merrit gathered statistics from studies done in 2015. Newsweek, Time Magazine and Huffington Post discovered some painful facts. In 2015 alone over 4 billion hours of pornography was watched globally. The average age of first time exposure to porn is 11 years old. The largest porn consumers are boys ages 12-17. 90% ofContinue reading “Expose the War (Part 2)”

“Dear Mr. Postman”

I imagine the scene as something right out of the movie The Sound of Music. I’m talking about the scene with the children laughing and hanging from trees along the roadside. Truly, this is what my children confessed to doing, and they were proud of why they were doing it. They were shooting rubber bandsContinue reading ““Dear Mr. Postman””