• Identify Your Areas – I will help guide you through your options in order to choose what to focus on first.
  • Select Your Time-frame – We can go as fast or as slow as your would like. Coaching can be scheduled on your availability.
  • Continued Resources – Every client is given discounts and access to all kinds of free resources to continue your growth and development.

Are you feeling lost in communication?

That’s not how God intended life to be lived.

He has so much more for you.

Life is meant to be growing toward fulfillment and joy. Isolation, anxiety and discouragement can be overcome.

How? By experiencing God’s gifts to you and working with a coach who genuinely cares about seeing you live the life God always meant you to live.

This life filled with a continual path toward a deeper connection with God, real and raw relationships with others, and contentment that you fully embrace as He calls you to be a Titus II Woman.

Identify Your Areas

You may already know the area that you need to work on or maybe you have more than one.

That’s okay!

We will work together to explore each area and design a customized coaching package to suit your needs.

– Declutter Home
– Becoming Unbusy
– Rest Easy
– More Fun
– Learn to Love Self
– Make Healthier Choices
– Facing Addictions
– Accountability Partners
– Trust God
– Trust Others
– Improve Communication
– Making the Investment
– Hear God’s Voice
– Understanding Spiritual Gifts
– Develop a Prayer Life
– Applying the Scriptures after Study
– God’s Call
– Asking Why and Finding Answers
– Scriptures to Study and Apply
– Actions to Purpose
– Developing a Dream
– Leadership Styles
– Launch a Ministry
– Making Dreams Become Passions

Book Your Consult Session

Select a 20-minute session that works for you. We will discuss your needs and determine the best focus and commitment level to fit with your budget.

So, what does coaching actually do?

Great question! I looked at coaching for a few years not fully understanding what it was. I came to realize that it was much more that being someone who cheers others on, but also was not about giving advice or counseling.

Think of coaching as a friendship. I function as a friend who gathers information to help you make decisions that will better your life and help you to live the life that God always meant for you to live. God is the one that you ultimately turn to for final decisions and choices, but I am an instrument to help you take action steps to a better and more fulfilled life.

God is the One who has everything you need and through the work of the Holy Spirit can lead you in the right direction.

I help you get ready to hear from God and cheer you on to keep going back to Him until you get the answer you’re looking for.

Whether you’re seeking to develop better wellness choices or explore new opportunities, build a new ministry or learn to rest, make a transition in life or move towards a dream, it is my privilege to serve as your coach.

Believe me when I say that I understand what it feels like to be stuck and overwhelmed. I’m here to help you find fulfillment and purpose as you pursue your God-designed life.

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