How can you help?

Even volunteer ministry has costs. To be able to do more, we have to maintain a domain name, website/blog, social media accounts, and so much more. Titus II Ministry functions on the time and talents of people across the world who volunteer to partner with us. We are grateful for them and the gifts they bring. Our financial resources have been provided by our executive team and the costs get to be pretty large. Financial donation goes to keep the blog running on our own domain name…$150/year and if we need to pay to have some design done….$200-500/year.

If you don’t feel let or able to help financially, we can use your prayers. Our entire team will all tell you that they covet your prayers. When you do Kingdom work, Satan doesn’t like it. We are all often oppressed by the work of Satan so that we will not continue to write, speak, lead, or give of our time. Many of our team are in ministry in their own churches or personal lives. We are well aware of the commitment that we have made to God through ministry. This is our lifestyle, not a hobby. We cherish your prayers.

We can use your help through writing, editing, web design or whatever talents you feel that you can offer Titus II Ministry. Much of our outreach is through an online presence. We need writers to fill slots with a one year commitment to the team. We need people willing to read articles and edit or give feedback to writers. This is a time consuming job, but rewarding. We need people who are talented and able to design new ads, page presence and knows how the process of building a website goes.

If you feel that you can answer the call of any of these donations, we invite you to join our team. Thank you for your continues support of ministry.

Financial Support for Titus II Ministry

Thank you for making the decision to financially support Titus II Ministry. The gifts that you provide go to keep our online presence available through the website, social media, and marketing. As a financial donor you will start to receive an end of year (September 1st) financial report to see how your dollar amount has helped kingdom ministry.


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